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Bubblegum Crisis 7 Say Yes drawings

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In the opening scene of BGC 7 Double Vision, Vision and the Revengers appear on stage with 20 video screens behind them. The first drawing shows the concert stage. I used the sketch section to show the performers. Scenes of Reika Chang and her sister Irene appear, then her death and the Chang family mourning. I have one drawing showing Reika discovering Irene's body. A second lot of drawings show Reika at the funeral as she lifts her head. The remaining drawings show Reika practicing with firearms and a scene of her on a motorcycle pursuing Genom Corporation's Quincey.

 Concert stage

 Reika holds Irene's body

 Reika A1 white

 Reika A2 white

 Reika A3 white

 Reika A1 yellow
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