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Adam Warren (Dirty Pair, BGC)

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I first met Adam at autograph sessions at conventions. He usually does a very quick headsketch, but sometimes accepts commissions for detailed drawings, pencil on textured paper. The wait is sometimes lengthy, but the artwork is always outstanding.

I first discovered Adam's artwork in The Dirty Pair comics published by Eclipse and now Dark Horse. He's done several DP mini-series, eventually taking over the writing duties from Toren Smith. Other work appears in Teen Titans: Paper, Scissors, Stone for DC, Gen 13 comics for Wildstorm, and Livewires from Marvel.

Adam is writing and drawing Empowered for Dark Horse in 2007. It's a sexy superhero comedy like his Gen 13 work. It's shot directly from Adam's pencils. He's also started a deviant art site:

Adam Warren dA site

 Priss and motorcycle 2006

 Linna (BGC) 2006

 Knight Sabers (Bubblegum Crisis)

 Knight Sabres (BGC) diptych commission

 Dirty Pair 1995

 Asuka and Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) 2000

 Priss Asagiri

 Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats)

 Vision (BGC 7)
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