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Kim Possible

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My niece Riley introduced me to the great Disney TV series Kim Possible. I met first season director Chris Bailey and character designer Stephen Silver in San Diego. I requested sketches for Riley and the artists generously drew Kim for her. She was one happy girl when we surprised her with them. Later, at other meetings, I was able to get some drawings for myself.
Chris directed the Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain short. He was animation director for Mighty Joe Young and the Garfield movie. His own creation is Major Damage, available either as a DVD or book at
Stephen Silver has also worked on Kevin Smith's Clerks Animated. On his own, he created the Wildlife Forces comic book. He has two books: The Art of Silver and Sketches by Silver volume 1. More news at
I met Louie del Carmen, story artist for So the Drama, at WonderCon in San Francisco. He has his own book Random Anomalies.

 Dave Bullock

 Chris Bailey: Kim Possible

 Ron, Kim, and Rufus

 Stephen Silver: Ron, Kim and Rufus

 Drakken and Shego by Stephen Silver

 Kim vs. Shego by Stephen Silver
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