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Bubblegum Crisis 7 ending scene

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A series of drawings from the finale of BGC 7 Double Vision. Following a battle involving the Knight Sabres, Reika and Kou, and Genom's Quincey, Linna confronts Reika. When the AD Police officers Leon and Daley appear, the group turns to face them. The finished drawings on white paper are shown here just slightly cropped to show position in the video frame. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a detailed scan as "sketch 1" and any preliminary drawing as "sketch 2." These were purchased as one lot from Anime Link's Rick Alonso who tells me he bought them from Urushibara's studio.

 A1 Sylia

 B1 Kou and Reika

 C1 Linna

 B2 Kou

 B2 Reika

 B3 Linna, Kou, and Reika

 B4 Left Linna and Kou

 B4 (Left) Reika

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