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Welcome. My collection highlights are original sketches by Japanese artists, original sketches by animation artists for American studios, a sequence of animation drawings from Nadia (Gainax), and Bubblegum Crisis animation drawings. I have a number of modest cels from Studio Ghibli, Bubblegum Crisis and other shows. Some galleries feature manga-influenced artists such as Adam Warren. I have a link to my other art collection featuring work by comic book and comic strip artists including a Charles Schulz Snoopy drawing.
My name is Steven Ng and my work is driving books around for the Alameda County Library. On my annual Summer vacation, I drive books from Los Angeles to the San Diego Comic Con for my brother's Stuart Ng Books.

News & Updates

4/17/2005Following the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, I scanned new drawings by animation artists. Opened a Kim Possible gallery and new galleries for Adam Warren, Bill Morrison, and Bruce Timm.
8/10/2004At Jason's invitation, I'm adding non-Japanese artwork to the site. I'm starting with drawings by animation artists I've met at conventions: Tom Bancroft, Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie del Carmen, Shane Glines, Lynne Naylor, and Chris Reccardi. You may not know the names, but they've had prominent roles at Disney, Pixar, Warners, Blue Sky, and other studios.
5/18/2004bookdriver now open.

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Title Last Updated
Adam Warren (Dirty Pair, BGC) (14) 8/9/2006
Ah! My Goddess (4) 5/26/2008
BGC HL2032 Asu E Touchdown (3) 6/15/2008
Bill Morrison (Futurama) (2) 4/17/2005
Black Magic M-66 (2) 6/6/2008
Bruce Timm (Batman: the Animated Series) (2) 4/16/2005
Bubblegum Crash (10) 8/18/2008
Bubblegum Crisis "singles" (6) 3/21/2009
Bubblegum Crisis 3 Blow Up (9) 3/30/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 5 Moonlight Rambler (12) 6/2/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 7 cels (2) 3/7/2008
Bubblegum Crisis 7 ending scene (8) 5/24/2004
Bubblegum Crisis 7 Say Yes drawings (12) 9/28/2005
Bubblegum Crisis 8 Scoop Chase (23) 8/18/2008
Castle in the Sky (Laputa) (1) 8/10/2006
Don Bluth sketches (4) 4/17/2005
Enrico Casarosa, Pixar story artist (5) 8/10/2006
Inu-Yasha: Sango (11) 8/29/2005
Japanese artists sketches (14) 9/2/2006
Japanese creator autographs (10) 10/9/2005
Kenichi Sonoda sketches (4) 12/1/2006
Kia Asamiya sketches (3) 8/4/2004
Kiki's Delivery Service (4) 3/21/2009
Kim Possible (7) 8/9/2006
Kimagure Orange Road (4) 6/6/2008
Lynne Naylor & Chris Reccardi (6) 8/15/2004
Maison Ikkoku (6) 6/10/2007
Mark Henn (4) 11/2/2006
Misc. anime series (8) 5/31/2008
Miyazaki characters (2) 8/10/2006
My Neighbor Totoro (1) 7/16/2007
Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water layout drawings (7) 5/19/2004
Nauicaa of the Valley of the Wind (4) 3/21/2009
Original sketches by American studio artists (28) 3/21/2009
Porco Rosso (13) 8/10/2006
Powerpuff Girls (4) 8/10/2007
Princess Mononoke (1) 8/10/2006
Riding Bean (6) 6/15/2008
Rod Espinosa (6) 8/15/2004
Ronnie del Carmen, Pixar story artist (8) 8/10/2006
Shane Glines (3) 7/24/2005
Tom Bancroft (4) 8/12/2004
Your're Under Arrest (1) 5/31/2008

Curator: bookdriver
Gallery Created: 5/18/2004
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